School Certificate Revision Tool

The other night I sent an SOS out to my Twitter PLN for new ways to help students revise for the School Certificate English exam. The response was wonderful, as usual 🙂 The suggestions included:

@Madiganda I allowed my students to build their own revision resources using a choice between things like Xtranormal, Prezi, Notebook quiz

@Madiganda they loved building Xtranormal videos the best n published on Edmodo for all

@Madiganda  go animate and are awesome tools too

@Madiganda for study why not use FuaxFlash, BrainFlips or Falshcard exchange, Use or creately for Mindmaps 🙂

@Madiganda I used the IWB software to make ‘Jeopardy’ for SC Revision. SO engaging!

@madiganda great idea. you could somehow wrap Class Dojo into some study games rewards?

@Madiganda also used Primarypad to do revision questions in small groups, this worked well

@madiganda niiice. I believe that collaboration in digital study is a must. 🙂 also use Nota or lino-it etc

Boy, did that give me a lot to think about and play with! LOVE the possibilities of ClassDojo for recording and rewarding student behaviour etc (but will leave this for another post) and went back to the various flash card creators to see what could be done with these. I chose Brainflips in the end and here is my “deck” revising the terms they will need to know for the exams. That is where I will start and then I will investigate the other tools and ideas in the next week. Then end result will hopefully be well prepared and engaged students!


About madiganda

Head Teacher English at Coffs Harbour High School, passionate teacher and proud recipient of the 2017 ETA Premier's Teacher Scholarship. @Madiganda on Twitter
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