HSC Revision – Helping them across the line

Last week we (MId North Coast English Teachers) ran two successful Revision Days, funded from our Stage 6 English SNP, for Advanced English students. Our focus was not on the content of each of the modules but what to do with that knowledge in order to blitz the exams.

Using our own experience as markers, our wonderful PLNs (a special thanks to @BiancaH80) and other presentations sourced through SlideShare and other places we put together 50 minute presentations on each Module plus the Belonging essay in the hope of revitalising Yr 12 and firing them up for the last run to the HSC. So often after the Trials they drop focus and we hoped that this day would excite them, give them some direction as well as a fresh perspective on what they need to do.

What was a clear theme across all the presentations was the need for a clear thesis, making sure that you answer the question rather than regurgitating your prepared essay and that there are a real and definable shifts in expectations across the modules. Module A must focus on concepts and changing contexts, Module B the text itself and personal valuing and Module C the text itself and purpose. Knowing what they have to do is half the battle. Now they just need to go back to their notes, find their details and write, write and write!

We had so many students attend that we needed to repeat it over two days and the feedback has been very positive so we will definitely being something similar again in 2012. We are also developing a creative writing day for our next batch of Year 12s as this is an area that we have identified that could be improved across our region.

I have included 3 of the 4 presentations for those that might be interested in them. I know we are all looking for that extra clue to how best to advise the students and hope these might help achieve that goal!

Belonging Lecture 2011

Module A – Texts in Time

Module B Presentation


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Head Teacher English at Coffs Harbour High School, passionate teacher and proud recipient of the 2017 ETA Premier's Teacher Scholarship. @Madiganda on Twitter
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