Staff Development Day Feedback & Stage 4 & 5 Resources

Hi all.

Thanks to all for what was a very successful first attempt at holding a combined English Staff Development Day. There were some really good suggestions for how to improve on the day if we get to have another one. Importantly, if we do have another one we need YOU to offer to take workshops – the more who volunteer, the more choices to choose from. As I said in my sessions – sharing resources is vital if we are going to work smarter and work easier.

From the feedback it was also clear that some of the messages didn’t get through to everyone for example about bringing their laptops and getting blogEd unblocked. These issues, and the fact that we held it on the the first day back after major works occuring during the holidays which dropped out the server etc and so a very tight time frame to fix the problems, meant that some of the computer based sessions didn’t work as well as we would have liked. All we can hope that these issues are reduced next time around…

Many people want to keep the communication lines open – so this blog is one way to do that. Feel free to add a comment, ask for some advice. I have also emailed a list of presenters and their schools to each of the Head Teachers so you can contact them directly to follow up on a session you attended.

Here is the information from Simon’s Stage 4 & 5 workshop:

units that work Stages 4 & 5

I will add the others as they get sent to me. Happy teaching!


About madiganda

Head Teacher English at Coffs Harbour High School, passionate teacher and proud recipient of the 2017 ETA Premier's Teacher Scholarship. @Madiganda on Twitter
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